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Our vision as a community is to build an active, welcoming and creative Uniting Church presence in this region in the present, for the future'.

Intergenerational Worship
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 09:17

We are hoping to be able to restart in person intergenerational worship on the fourth Sunday of the month. For further information please read below or email the church office at office at (11 February 2021)


On the fourth Sunday of the month, we explore a new way of "doing church" together. Instead of a long (though of course very fascinating :) ) sermon surrounded by hymns and prayers, we use other ways of learning and growing together. It involves conversation, table groups. interaction. And, yet, still singing and praying together.

We think that the key to a flourishing spiritual community is healthy relationships between people of all ages. Rather than banishing the children to a special area, we should all be the people of God together. That is what "intergenerational" means - all of us together.

You can read more about it in this article. But experiencing it is better than reading about it.