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Our vision as a community is to build an active, welcoming and creative Uniting Church presence in this region in the present, for the future'.

Farewell David
Thursday, 26 January 2012 16:15

It is with sadness we say farewell to Reverend David Carter who has completed six years at Glen Iris Road Uniting Church and now begins his next ministry with Koornung Heights Uniting Church. We wish him all the very best in the future. At his final service the following words were expressed by Michael, the Chairperson of our congregation:

David, you have journeyed with us as our  Minister through one of the crucial periods in the life of this congregation as we have together experienced the losses and begun to realise the opportunities of leaving High Street and moving to Glen Iris Road. You have spoken about your sense of dislocation; your frank sharing of your own pain and challenges has given us freedom to speak of ours, both collectively and individually.  You have helped us to let go of old ways and partnered with us in new ones.  Through you, we have learned to make prayer more central to our congregational life. You have encouraged us to explore how to express our faith in a post Christian world through your thoughtful sermons and services and regular study groups and meetings. We have valued your respectfulness, easy facilitative style, patience and empathy. You have shared our joys and sorrows. You have laughed with us, often in the service, when you have forgotten or mixed up our names or had trouble with the technology.  You know too much about Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings and you have bought far too many books.  Little children have been free to roam, young people have been supported and encouraged, and older people have found you a good listener. You have wept when we were weeping, leading funeral services for beloved members of our church family and their relatives, sometimes in tragic circumstances with grace, providing solace and wisdom in hard times. So often you have held the Christ light out to us and spoken the Peace we long to hear. We hope we have ministered to you in your time with us.  May God bless, disturb and guide you as you continue the pilgrimage elsewhere.