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Our vision as a community is to build an active, welcoming and creative Uniting Church presence in this region in the present, for the future'.

A Social History
Monday, 02 August 2010 23:26

If you haven't discovered it yet, and have an affection for the 1865 Wesleyan Chapel which now forms part of the Community Centre, have a look at our companion website called 'Glen Iris - A Social History'. The development of this website was supported in part by a Local History grant from the Department for Victorian Communities, State Government Victoria. On it you can learn about the people who built the chapel, the part it played in the earliest days of Glen Iris, and the uses to which it was put over the decades after 1932 when it ceased to be a place of worship. You can read entries from the Victorian Government Gazette of 1865, excerpts from the original minute book of the Wesleyan congregation, extracts from Three Score Years & Ten, A Short Souvenir History of the Glen Iris Methodist Church written in 1932, view scale drawings of the chapel as it was, and see a photographic record of its life, near demise, and incorporation into the Glen Iris Road Uniting Church & Community Centre. If you go to the section called Other Churches and click to download ‘Memories’ you will find the personal stories of many people, some looking back more than 75 years as they recall the importance of the Glen Iris Methodist Church in their lives. If you have photos of early Glen Iris which you would like to share, please get in touch. We would be delighted to add them to our history website.