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Our vision as a community is to build an active, welcoming and creative Uniting Church presence in this region in the present, for the future'.

Unwrapping Christmas
Thursday, 02 December 2010 21:00

Can you remember finding wrapped presents hidden in parents' bedrooms? The anticipation was great. Christmas is a busy time - preparation, shopping, cards and invitations.
It's easy to crowd Christ out of Christmas! So this is an invitation to join with a community and unwrap Christmas.
The birth of Jesus was in hard times. There was no room at the inn, and much more important things were happening. Yet some heard angels singing, saw a star in the sky and unwrapped Christmas. It was God's revolution of love, goodwill and peace.
You are invited to unwrap Christmas with us.
Sunday 19th December 10 a.m. Family service for all ages
Friday 24th December Christmas Eve 11 p.m. Candle lit service
Saturday 25th December Christmas Day service 9.30 a.m.